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i have three moods

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Frida Kahlo was so aggressively negative towards white people in all the right ways (and for all the right reasons.) But somehow managed to acquire the biggest gringa feminist fan base since Sylvia Plath. I just don’t get it.

'Cause flower crown appropriation.

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fancy (ft. charli xcx) // iggy azalea

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Katarzyna Widmańska

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Team “I wish I was at Coachella but I’ve been inside all weekend writing my senior thesis”

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Fanny Packs were kind of a big deal in the 90s.

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don’t know what else to do // the jungle giants

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Polite elephant crosses multiple farms on her voyage without damaging a single fence

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Patrick Roche - “Siri: A Coping Mechanism”

"Opening voicemails. He does not tell anyone he still has ones from his dead father. He will not delete them. He will not delete dead grandparents’ contact information. He will not delete anything."

Awarded Best Persona Poem at CUPSI 2014. Patrick Roche, of Princeton University.

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Chirpy (by Elle-May Leckenby)

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