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i am lion. king is me.

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Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
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Grimm and Other Folk Tales

by Cory Godbey

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So, I’m actually glad I randomly decided to read the script for this movie because it had the title and artist of this song, the one they were listening to on the train on the way to the beach, there’s a few great songs that got left off the soundtrack.

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Tim Burton and Winona Ryder on the set of Edward Scissorhands (1990)

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Women are described in animal terms as pets, cows, sows, foxes, chicks, serpents, bitches, beavers, old bats, old hens, mother hens, pussycats, cats, cheetahs, bird-brains, and hare-brains…‘Mother Nature’ is raped, mastered, conquered, mined; her secrets are ‘penetrated,’ her ‘womb’ is to be put into the service of the ‘man of science.’ Virgin timber is felled, cut down; fertile soil is tilled, and land that lies ‘fallow’ is ‘barren,’ useless. The exploitation of nature and animals is justified by feminizing them; the exploitation of women is justified by naturalizing them.
Karen J. Warren Ecological Feminism  (via cosmicspread)

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Laughing at all of these media outlets proclaiming that Celestina Warbeck is a new Harry Potter character. Fact checkers—do your jobs, please.

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LOTR / The Hobbit Glow In The Dark Sting Necklace

Wear this sword around your neck so you’re always aware of enemies nearby. Sword glows in the dark for varying lengths of time, determined by how long it’s allowed to charge. Hung on a 24” chain. Sold on Etsy.

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1956 - Gordon Parks documented the everyday lives of an extended black family living in rural Alabama under Jim Crow segregation for Life magazine’s photo-essay “The Restraints: Open and Hidden.” (via)

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and just to think, i used to be proud of you

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